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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
pumping doesnt come from the speakers or from the samplingrate.

I think you dont want to admit that the problem was caused by your mixing skills with your mastering chain. thats the reason why you dont post.

and for my abilities: you can easily google me under my nickname here and you certainly will find some of my work on the internet. so ...
YOu're welcome to google my work.. Christopher Headcase or Epitaph Romance... the only reason i didN'T post any of the tracks is cuz no one asked me to.. im not shy and certainly have nothing to hide... Ill post the both the screwed render and the new render.. would you like the raw mix too? I checked you out.. your music is good.. the master lacks warmth and volume at best but its a good mix.. really good.. you know your stuff...but that is my opinion... my stuf fis way different from yurs and our styles in everything are totally different.. but im open to yur feedback what ever it could be
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