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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
yes, you always talk and talk. how about posting some clips so that we all can hear the problem??? why dont you post something to let us have a listen.

honestly I doubt your knowledge. sounds harsh, but lets face the situation: you come up with a more than adventurous mastering-chain, tell us your mixes are stellar and refuse to let us hear something.

you shouldnt wonder about me being suspicious. so post something and we all know what we are talking about. without anything to put hands on there is not much sense in this discussion. you want help? show us the problem.
Oh I would be happy to post the tracks.. but answer me this question.... how are you gonna hear what;s coming outta my monitors and my truck speakers? you may not hear what i hear cuz your monitors are different your set up and so forth.. i mean honestly maybe I should doubt you knowledge as well I dont know what you've done either.. Im not here to defend myself im just here to get insight on my problem which KAWIN was more than helpful enough to answer... it was the rendering (changing the khz and bitrate) kept them constant and the same and voila! fixed.. but ill post old and new for everyone... so they can see the differences... NOW.. how to do that is my next question as the attachment option doesn't include a wav or mp3 option
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