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Originally Posted by headcase915 View Post
compression is a natural part of mastering.. you know this i know this.. we all know this.. its not like im using each compressor to shove the sound to its very peak.. the first one to to add suble gluing thats all just slight (VERY SLIGHT) compression to glue it all together.. every book and vid i've read on the subject always starts with a sidebus(ssl) compressor to glue you track together...if you do that in pre master great ... i do this first instead of on the mixdown its a resource saver... after that the multi band does all the work and the limiter has a slight thresh of 1-2 db but its only purpose is to keet it from going over -0.1 db that's all.. like i said previously to another helpful person you guys are very helpful all this is great info and it did help me figure out my issue.. but you can't cook with just salt and pepper sometimes a little spice and garlic will that your dish up a notch...
yes, you always talk and talk. how about posting some clips so that we all can hear the problem??? why dont you post something to let us have a listen.

honestly I doubt your knowledge. sounds harsh, but lets face the situation: you come up with a more than adventurous mastering-chain, tell us your mixes are stellar and refuse to let us hear something.

you shouldnt wonder about me being suspicious. so post something and we all know what we are talking about. without anything to put hands on there is not much sense in this discussion. you want help? show us the problem.
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