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Originally Posted by SaulT View Post
I'm having a really hard time believing that it could be the audio mixdown or audio codec and not this complicated "mastering" chain involving layers of saturation, compression, excitation, and brickwall limiting.

Hear hoofbeats and think horses, not zebras.

Don't try to fix the mix during "mastering", because that's not what mastering is. If your "pre-mastered" mix doesn't sound at least decent on multiple devices (not just your monitors, but headphones, car stereo, cell phone, etc) then it isn't a good mix to begin with.
There is honestly nothing wrong with my mix... several mastering engineers use more than just one compressor, one eq etc... the pre mix is just how i want it... believe me Ive never had a problem with my mixes or masters for the last 7 years it's now that im on a new computer with an updated system that i seem to be encountering this issue.. each item adds a subtle (very subtle) addition to the mix and the only reason i use it on a final master is resources.. after about 29 tracks the system starts to lag and chop and freeze due to so many tracks with different aux and fx plug ins being used.. if I up'd my ram to 8 gb i would be able to apply everything to each individual track to get it to where all i would need is a single eq single compressor and one limiter.. but we all have our ways of mixing and mastering that's why there are forums like this to help each other... and I appreciate all of it. and after keeping the bitrate and freq the same my master is great.. so the issue was the encoding from 48khz to 41khz with 24bit to 16 bit... I kept it all at 41khz 16 bit and my masters today are right were i want them.. as they should sound.. on all devices... monitors..truck...ipod...boombox... even a portable cd player...
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