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Originally Posted by SaulT View Post
I'm having a really hard time believing that it could be the audio mixdown or audio codec and not this complicated "mastering" chain involving layers of saturation, compression, excitation, and brickwall limiting.

Hear hoofbeats and think horses, not zebras.

Don't try to fix the mix during "mastering", because that's not what mastering is. If your "pre-mastered" mix doesn't sound at least decent on multiple devices (not just your monitors, but headphones, car stereo, cell phone, etc) then it isn't a good mix to begin with.

Im thinking this also most likely. The volume wavering described could very easily be compressor/limiter pumping.
The guitars relative volume could easily just be the way its translating to a system with a different midrange response.

Lord knows Ive went through this
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