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These last few versions have made it feasible to run Reaper at 4K which is a wonderful thing. I have some feedback regarding the HiDPI scaling -

1. Melodyne does not scale when used via ARA. The program itself scales correctly when used standalone. I wondered if it was just a melodyne issue, but it also scales correctly when used via ARA in Cubase or Studio One in HiDPI, just not Reaper.

2. I'm running one 4k monitor and one 1080, using 'multimonitor aware', and the floating tooltips are very large on the 1080p monitor. The preferences and action list dialog boxes seem enlarged too, again only on the 1080p monitor.

3. None of the mouse cursors are scaling at 4K so they are very small, I think the envelope lines and points might be unscaled too but it's difficult to tell, they seem small though.

I'm on W10 latest version, running at 4k with 150% scaling.
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