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Default v5.986+dev1118 - November 18 2019

v5.986+dev1118 - November 18 2019
+ Notation editor: make staff and note context menus customizable
# FX embed: plug-in UIs are scaled by UI scaling
# MIDI editor: improve toolbar sizing related to HiDPI
# MIDI editor: refresh custom toolbar button when toggling action to move bank/program events with notes
# Windows HiDPI: improve dialog behavior for sliders/knobs/etc in reaplugs/jsfx and multimonitor
# Windows HiDPI: improve listview icons
# Windows HiDPI: improve multimonitor behavior of VST generic UI
# embed fx: fix MCP on retina display when TCP is on non-retina display
# hidpi: fix extended mixer text drawing
# retina: fix MCP fxembed size inconsistencies
# retina: fix mixer send volume button sizing

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