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Default The V4 Midi Reafinement Thread

The purpose of this thread is to replace the old sticky midi request thread. Please post any midi FR's/behaviour changes in this thread they will be added to the first post so we have an index of popular requests.

Please make sure all FR's actually have an entry in the tracker; Just posting it in here is not enough.

Feature requests:
MIDI Filter Events Box: Allow multiple MIDI items to be selected, simultaneously
New MIDI Editor reuse mode - "Reuse MIDI editor automatically"
CC Lane event editing (Shift-Left/Drag)
Snap Offset handle for MIDI Notes (optional)
Midi Editor Navigator

Behaviour reafinements:
Midi Editor: Remember last used zoom/stable zooming
Predictable midi content of items

Solo leaves orphaned MIDI notes hanging for ever!
MIDI is displayed inaccurately in both the Media Explorer and arrangement window

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