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Originally Posted by kelldammit View Post
we share similar tastes. they were likewise my big 4, but now i'm down to 3 (i sold albino fairly recently). you would definitely have to pry blue out of my cold dead hands. i'm SUCH a fanboy
I know IMO, its one of the most underrated synths. On first listen its sounds a bit cold, you know digital sounding. However, once I started using it more and more I found it was probably one of the easiest synths for me to "sit" in a mix. And I'm talking with acoustical instruments in there as well. Its hard to describe really but if you're a fan I'm sure you know what I mean.

With that said, its also the hardest synth for me to program. I'm pretty much a preset whore anyway but on most of my synths I'll tweak things a bit to get them to fit. But in Blue, I leave it alone for the most part. A little modulation here or there but I don't even attempt to program a patch from scratch. In fact the only synth that I do program things from scratch would be Alchemy. The whole layout and concept just begs you to experiment. I make sure not to go too far into the deep in though.

I think the OP offered up a good question. I wish I had asked around a bit more before I started shelling out so much cash. Don't get me wrong, I like all of my synths and I use them all (from time to time). But I don't really need them all. And I probably could have gotten by with fewer of them hanging around. Most finished *cough* projects usually have about 2-4 synths in them. The rest I keep around for inspiration or to just mess around with. I recently bought a Mac and I have decided that some of them won't be making the transfer. I just don't use them often enough. They are like that shirt in the closet that you put on once a year or so because everything is dirty
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