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Im bloody serious you know.
This is socialism at its craziset and best. Its a beautiful thing. Most of the worlds ills requiring money could be fixed in the same way. There need not be poverty. And you need not have to do without that bit of kit that you so dearly need.
I trust you all in turn as you can trust me.
And anyone who is in I ve got your back.
Just think about it for a while.
We could start small, just a couple of bucks, One dollar evn, with enuff people you would only need to hand over one dollar 3 times a week for a whole lot of us/everyone(?) here in ReaperLand to get ourselves a bit of shiney before financial new year,xmas, whenever. Agree on a date, make the list, get to it... too easy.
Think it over.
How much spare change goes on crap and basically nowhere each week?
It so simple and perfect that it can and does actually work.
The biggest thing is trust.
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