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Originally Posted by winbe View Post
Thanks guys !! I just discovered ACE !! Wow... I love it... and cheap..

I don't think it is an "allrounder"... but unlike all the other I tried, with the presets, I already want to make music, to create songs, they are sooo inspiring !!
The patches are amazing . If you wanna start going CABLE CRAZZZY!! check out this nifty video tutorial:

So back to the matter at hand. I hear ya when you say Ace isn't an all-rounder but it does have a lot to offer... Real pity about the CPU greed.

I have now demoed pretty much every Synth mentioned in this thread. I know I probably should have spent a bit more time with them all to learn the ins & outs. But I just had to start narrowing it down a bit (I have to start making some music... you know!) to my favourites out of the bunch. Now that's favourites not necessarily best soft synths. So here we go:

KarmaFX Synth Modular

If I ruled Alchemy & Zebra out of the equation I could probably go for two of the others. Right now I'm leaning towards Ace & KarmaFX.

I'd Really appreciate your help on this one guys, you have all been so very helpful so far.

Its time to start voting
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