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Mercado is correct, ACE is a great synth, but seriously check out TASSMAN 4 by Applied Acoustics. I have heard sounds inside of that which are so "real" and "acoustic" unlike anything else out there, its also modular and allows you to build synths and effects kinda like Reaktor but alot simpler. The interface is really cool too. Try it out its awesome. Im still getting right into the guts of it and its incredibly powerful and has endless possibilties. Rave reviews all over the place too.
Also another favourite of mine in Future Audio Workshops CIRCLE > another awesome softsynth with a really different and quite novel interface and approach to patching. Its essentially a modular like ACE but a lot more. You can really push it too.
The Korg legacy classics bundle rocks. The MS20 sounds super fat, and you get the Wavestation too.
Special mention must also go to VirSyns stuff, especially CUBE, which is a really different kind of synthesis. Its great to be able to load it full of yer own samples and see what kind of inside mangled textures come out. And textures is really what CUBE is all about. Really nice.
OhmForce SYMPTOHM MELOHMAN is a wild synth thats a bit different. Check out all the OhmForce stuff. Some of the best plugs out there I rekon. Ohmicide and Quadfrohmage rock!
And i just remebered SCHWAS OLGA is probably the best sounding dirty analog replica ever made. Cheap too for REAPER license holders!!!!!!!!
Most of these synths Ive mentioned are a bit more pricey but you can get em cheap now n then, and with the continued trend of "No Brainers" popping up around the place yer sure to find a good deal. Visit all the sites and try them out, someone somewhere is always having a "sale" or getting rid of stuff at cheap prices.
edit: TERRATEC KOMPLEXOR is also really good. I use it alot for evil DnB sounds.Really really big sounding synth. I think its a Waldorf related product. Nuff said.
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