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OK, this is hardly what I would call an all-arounder, but if you are looking to get those fat, nasty, industrialesque sounds (leads or bass lines), then Mantis 307 is worth a try. I fired this thing up and got sounds so wicked that the tree out front uprooted itself and moved away and the neighbors cat took up smoking and threw itself in front of a bus. Again, hardly an all arounder, but definitely the cream of the crop at what it does.

At 20 bucks it is a good bargain. It works a lot like Reaper's demo; a fully-functional demo without expiration and a nag screen until you pay the 20 bucks. They send you a key file when you register. The key file is done by hand, so sometimes it takes a few hours to get it. But, since it never expires, you can keep making tuneage.
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