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Originally Posted by kelldammit View Post
+1 alchemy. alchemy, zebra, and blue are the only synths that i end up using with any regularity (read: multiple instances in EVERY project).

some of those others look pretty sweet, too. will have to check out karmafx, but i'm just not feelin' the need...

great fun, synth shopping! enjoy!

I Totally agree with you, Out of all the synths I've been demoing lately
Alchemy, Zebra & KarmaFX are my favourites. You could definitely get away with using just multiple instances of Alchemy & Zebra, no problem. Plus a Dash of Drumaxx (the new toy at the moment). If your ever in the mood for something new give KarmaFX a go. It didn't take me long to find my way around it & I wouldn't class myself as much of a synth person. Its the only synth out of the bunch I've tried lately that offers anything close to the sampling capabilities of Alchemy.....still cant afford Alchemy yet though.... ahh, some day...some day.....
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