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Originally Posted by carbon View Post
I've played around with zebra, blok and karmasynth for a while now - not yet building patches and both, zebra and karma sound very nice.

But I can't help thinking a lot of the niceness comes from the ample use of effect used in the patches, what do you think?
it depends upon the way you think about sound design - i personally very much include effects within the concept of sound design - i will often end up with quite a plugin chain after the synth to achieve a desired result. just switch off all the effects when going through each synths presets to hear what it truly sounds like. effects will always 'dress up' a sound but won't really change the fundamental sound of it (if we are talking just reverbs and delays).

Originally Posted by carbon View Post
Well, eventually decisions have to be made or I'll go on for the rest of time testing synths, not making music nor sounds.
lol! i have spent at least 3 years doing that! i have made a few tunes along the way though... no need to hurry - don't rush yourself. just spend plenty of time with the demo of each synth before you shell out any cash
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