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Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
no experience with syncmodular although keep meaning to try it - i believe it was the forerunner to NI's reaktor.
I had a registered license for Sync back in the days. It wasn't the forerunner of Reaktor though, it was it's main rival.

Sync is abandonware now (that's why they set it free just recently) and the available ensembles for it are vanishing from the internet. I looked around lately to see what is still available as there used to be many users websites with ensembles for download but most is already gone.

Originally Posted by rictheobscene View Post
SyncModular is crap. It is grainy and unsophisticated. It sounds lousy and is cumbersome to use. I wasted a week working with this thing because I thought that surely no one would make something this bad without hanging the alpha tag on it. I was wrong; it is garbage.
History proves you wrong

Sync is/was so good that NI hired the Sync developer to work on Reaktor, and in the process get Sync Modular out of the way as it's main competition. The quality of Sync also made them shelve it for five or six years before releasing it into freeware because of the competitive risk it used to have for Reaktor.

The impressive thing with Sync is that you can drill down into the underlying DSP-models that drive the modules and change them or build your own. It's more a development platform then it is a modular synth. It is a fact that several plugin developers back in the day used Sync to quickly prototype DSP-models before coding it into a dedicated plugin.

Because you are actually building a synth from scratch in Sync it can sound crap or it can sound incredible. The fact that you say it sounds crap says nothing about Sync but a lot more about you being able to build something usefull with it
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