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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
whatever i heard in it this morning, i sure ain't hearing it now. disregard anything i say about synths. i'm a guitarist.
I'm glad you finely worked that out I checked it out after reading your post & I thought the house was under attack by a swarm of sick psychedelic bees.

Originally Posted by rictheobscene View Post
KarmaFX is awesome. Every module that comprises it is top-notch and Kasper updates it regularly. Of the three you list, it is my favorite and the one I find most useful.

But on to better things. I downloaded the demo of KarmaFX & it is indeed Awesome. I got carried away with it so much, one minute its night next its day Its got almost endless routing/modulation & (this is the part I love) you can load your own samples. I had a very interesting preset going with a break beat, Chimes FX & a saw wave osc. I think I like it almost as much as Alchemy. There's some very helpful tutorial videos on the website too. Its also quite reasonably priced, works out about 86 when you add the EU VAT.

Are there many more presets with the full version? It would be good if it came with samples

Ps. I found GUI a bit buggy it would freeze sometimes but closing & reopening the window sorted it.
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