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Ok can we recap on your original issue Chris, as I have
pretty much concluded that my issue regarding notes being
placed ahead of time is exactly the MIDI DC for hardware
synts, as explained by jbone and schwa.

Originally Posted by scwha
Latency is how long it takes for a MIDI note played on hardware to get recorded by Reaper, or a MIDI note output by Reaper to get played on hardware.
Reaper records only "what you play", so in case when using
hardware synths everything stays in time, as it predelays
the MIDI that needs to get to hardware on playback.

But with software synths, this compensation must be avoided
to keep the notes at the right time for synth.

Just wanted to confirm that you are experiencing the same
issue: you use hardware or software synths? Is MIDI pre-delayed
for the same amount as your input+output latency is (+/- 5ms)
or more/less?
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