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Yeah, I just read some of that stuff too, EricM! I have Core2duo PC with Echo MiaMIDI soundcard and MIDI interface. And like I wrote before, I've had these similar problems.

This is what I did just yesterday and it seemed to help me (these things are little difficult to judge, because my fingers are not machine on the MIDI keyboard).

Firstly, I changed the MIDI input setting from the preferences (dbl-click or right-click and choose configuration from the MIDI input in question). Instead of Reaper doing the timestamping I changed it to High Precision System Timestamp (QPC).

After that and also with "Preserve PDC delayed monitoring" on from recording menu I managed to get much more precise and better results.

Now, this may all be just placebo, so I will continue to check it but you can try it also.

And for the record, I used my old Tracktion that has been gathering "dust" since I switched to Reaper and it seemed to have little better timing (before that trick).

But the other thing that I mentioned previously about midi VSTi track and its inverted rendered version (apply track FX...) not nulling while playback is still true, and happens with other VSTis than Shortcircuit also. But like I said, after final song rendering, they null. Bizarre.

EDIT: I just wanted to add one thing. It seemed to me that "varispeed" recording with MIDI (slowing down the rate for recording) seemed to work better with QPC also! Now, like I said this might be placebo, but if it isn't this is great! I really love this varispeed thing in Reaper but normally it has been hit or miss with MIDI.

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