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Originally Posted by jbone1313 View Post
@Chris: I'm assuming the latency is somewhat constant during time you are recording your parts. If that's so, is it a complete workflow-killer to do a "select-all", zoom in, and nudge the notes to the correct position? (I understand if that sucks--if anyone knows about little nags killing your workflow, its me.) But I'm honestly curious about how you feel about that.

I whined about a similar thing with Ableton, except I had to nudge to notes to the left instead of to the right.
I've been nudging my MIDI tracks for years, first with FLStudio, now with Reaper. I used to think I was alone with this issue- MIDI laying in the timeline ahead of where it was played. Sorry to see it's not just me.

First I thought it was my lowly PIII, but a new computer didn't solve the issue. New soundcard, new host, same problem.

I can't remember how I once figured out exactly how far ahead of the beat it is on my system- but I did, and now I always select all and drag the MIDI back 6 ms. It works fine for me, but I'm no concert pianist.
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