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what I understand is this.
you are trying to play your hardware on one track,
but because the MIDI notes is getting with some latency
Pre Or Post

the audio in that track does not in sync with the Audio in other tracks.

so to avoid that, you need a delay plugin
that should delay the Audio Pre Or Post depending on the case.

so what you do is like that:
(forget what I wrote above)
set your project the way you want,

on the track you want to record your self,
where the VSTi is,
add the delay plug , at the end of the chain,
it should be the last plug in the chain because it delays Audio.

now if your track was playing the audio after all other tracks,
you should set the Plug to Pre-Delay mode (no need for MIDI-delay)
if your track was playing the Audio before all other tracks,
you should set the plug to Post-delay mode (again, no need for MIDI-delay)

this will work with VSTi.

(if your track route to hardware output, say some MIDI device,
the settings should be different.)
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