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Originally Posted by Chris Ihao View Post
Hi whatsup. I always appreciate your input.

However, there is an audible pause before the note is played, which obviously will not work when recording. Also, after enabling the Delay_Pan and changing something, it doesnt react to changing settings again. If I set everything to 0.0000 it still has a delay. Weird..

Edit: Perhaps I'm doing something wrong as well, but its difficult to tell. I followed you instructions at least.
you need to set it to
midi - on

now this track is playing before any other track,
with the amount you set the delay sliders.

mm, I'm not sure if that what you need,
because i didn't understand so much your problem.

don't try to use the post-delay with MIDI, it doesn't work yet.
with Audio it works perfect,
also Pre-Delay Audio and MIDI works perfect.
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