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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
I'm not using synthesized metronome, I'm using custom samples.
Sample metronomes have a few more advantages:

1. You can have multiple different metronomes in the same project.
2. You can have normal quarter note countings, e.g. using a kick sound or also an eigth note contings, e.g. using a bass sound, which maybe even change according to the root notes of your current chord structure, if you have any.
3. You can automate the available metronomes loudness before recording other stuff to emphasize where the song should get more energetic and where more calm, e.g. using also available song arrangements structures using their rms envelopes on your metronome track. Many cool possibilities, like automatically switching metronomes, depending on which kind of "section" you are recording currently.

Mainly house music producers might simply like a brutal bassdrum as a metronome, as the music will have anyway such kind of metronome (bum bum bum bum) in the final result. You only need to mute some sections to create some interesting flow.
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