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Originally Posted by jbone1313 View Post
If that's not the case, then of course you'd have to do what you're suggesting (move each note).
I think you misunderstood me. I meant it would be difficult to select a proper reference for where to actually move the notes, knowing that the notes get placed somewhat differently. It would probably just sound weird, not like "you". I dont know what you mean exactly when talking about a "constant rate". That there are large gaps between the notes? Its never exactly "constant" when recording non quantize, as the gaps are somewhat different. But you probably know that

Shouldn't the DAW just record them properly in the first place?
Correct. I'm getting so frustrated that I'm thinking about trying something else for reference. I just NEED to make some music soon.

Edit: Just had another thought. In guitar hero (I guess SOME of you play/have played that) you have a simple function for adjusting image/audio latency. This use a repeating click, where you strum at every click to let the game know what actual "system latency" is in play. Why not do something like this in Reaper? Should be fairly easy to implement. Anyhow, I'm even getting tired listening to myself now, so I'll just let it rest for a while. Maybe I'll just have to practice so much that I somehow adjust my timing to fit Reaper. Anyhow, so long.

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