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Originally Posted by EricM View Post
Guys, I must inform you that delaying click samples will solve your
problem only for recording one instrument to the click. The next
one you will want to play with the previous one (or any audio that
is tied to the grid) will be problematic, as click and your playing
will now be 25 - 40 ms late! It might be recorded on time, but
you can't play properly to that.

I think I'll have to check the ReaScript and see if automatically delaying
MIDI after recording is possible.
Hey, I just tried to first record one track with the compensated metronome, then record another on top of that (tried both with/without click) and then added a third track based on the two first plus click.

I have to say that even if this is not ideal, its still a whole lot better than how it was while using the normal metronome. In fact there is a tendency of getting slightly more ahead again when playing together with the other tracks, but not as much as before. There are margins here as well, so maybe I played a bit eagerly in the first track, the second or the third. The notes do NOT seem to lag behind with 25 or more ms though, just to state that fact. Now, facts here are pretty subjective as we are human operators, but still...

It all boils down to the fact that it DOES sound better than it did before, and then I'm thinking of synchronization and pure listening experience. Even with a quantized drum pattern being looped in the background the notes seem to be more on target than before.
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