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Originally Posted by Chris Ihao View Post
Its not like functional midi is a tiny issue for us who experience it. Its one of the pillars of Reaper, and a central reason why I got the program in the first place.
I dont think this is a Reaper specific issue, as Cubase LE4 gives me the same results.

I know that you dont have theese issues in Reason, but could this be due to the way Reason treats midi? It records what you hear? Someone mentioned this issue and Ableton Live in Schwaas thread earlier on.

I didnt have this issue in Cubase SX3, but then again, I always used a vsti as metronome there. (You can set up a vst in the metronome dialog, a feature I miss in Reaper. Creating click tracks is not something you want to do when working in multiple time signatures and change your arrangement alot.)

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