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Back with an update. So I still think the request I made would make a useful feature, but I've gotten around it. I realised that TouchOSC can send messages when switching pages, so I just have layouts that correspond with each now and float the EQ when I'm on the EQ page. Pretty much problem solved....

I would still prefer to use it "blind" on track selection without needing the plugin in focus because now I have full remote control with all the necessary feedback on my $30 tablet! So fecking cool man.

OK but here's the problem I'm having:
This is probably a ReaLearn issue but I expect someone using Smart Knobs has encountered it.

Once I got everything working, I immediately added it to my default template and some of the other tracks I'm currently working on. Suddenly things went super wonky and all kinds of unexpected behavior was taking place.

After an hour or so of troubleshooting, I finally realized that the setups in background project tabs were still functioning, so I was getting actions performed, but they were performed in multiples of the number of open tabs.

Is there a way around this? I'd just have one project running this in the background, but the track has to be in every project for the script to see it.
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