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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
After a couple days and the help of this script I got MIDI feedback working 90% how I'd like using MIDI messages through TouchOSC Bridge. But now I'm not sure if what I want is even possible...

Goal: MIDI feedback updating the EQ controls in TouchOSC on my tablet as soon as I change track.

Problem: I can get it working only if the EQ focused.

Is it possible? Can Smart Knobs target fx specifically by name (only for selected track) or does plugin always have to be focused first? I just want the EQ to update when switching tracks without having to float the GUI first.

Thanks to LBX/SRD for this, btw, because feedback is awesome and Reaper OSC feedback never seemed to work longer than 1 day...
Hi fox,

Technically it would be able to target an fx by name as opposed to the currently focused fx - but it would need adapting to monitor the currently selected track and search for the fx (by name) and use that as the focus of the script instead of any focused fx.

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