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Unfortunately you are down at the edge of minimum performance to run reaper unless you keep your projects really small & simple. A 5400rpm drive is not really up to coherent multitrack recording and at 4gb memory you are also on thin ice, assuming you are using anything newer than Win7. And that cpu doesnt seem like it is up to a whole lot of multitracking especially with plugins in use. Shame.

Simplest way to see how good bad or indifferent things are currently is to download`s excellent latency monitoring application. It will give you an idea as to whether or not your system can really "do" multitrack recording or not.

Add to all this that you are not using a "proper" audio/MIDI interface & you have a raft of possible problem areas.

What are you using in the way of plugins and virtual instruments?

Incidentally, I just realised I have a refurb Dell Latitude e6400 sitting in a carrier bag in my studio which runs faster than yours but only has two cores. Its running win10 with 4gb of ram and has an even smaller hard drive than yours (80gb!!!) but the dual core is a 2.5ghz. I may try sticking reaper on it and seeing how it gets on with no interface. Might come up with some tweaks for you.
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