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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Assuming that you are using a proper audio/midi interface rather than your laptop`s internal soundcard,
make sure you are running the interface`s ASIO driver and set the ASIO buffer up around 1024 instead of the more ususal 256-512.

Hope that helps.

It wont if you are trying to use the internal soundcard, sadly. although you could try downloading & installing asio4all , which is a kludge that makes your computer think your internal card can do proper audio MIDI multitrack recording. It sorta works for some people, but frankly IF reapers audio system selection window offers you WASAPI I would try that first.
Thanks for your response!

So it seems that I was indeed using the internal soundcard, I set up asio4all and this did improve everything a bit but unfortunately Reaper is still lagging at times.

Is there maybe a way that I can wait for a few tracks to buffer so I can then listen to them without any lag?; like 'loading' them?
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