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Originally Posted by MRMJP View Post
Of course this could get messy when there are overlapping regions which in mastering we use to define CD/album tracks and in mastering, the can't really be overlapping.

This is in part why a dedicated mastering mode would be needed in REAPER to do it right, otherwise it will always be a little messy and half baked.

Still, for those that never have overlapping regions, a way for the transport or some kind of big window to display the region time would be great.
True, how do you deal with that in your custom script?
One way could be using ”cd” track markers, like in Samplitude, ie track start, track end, pause etc.
I had one look at the cd markers in Reaper, too fiddly, never bothered again.
Or just a side by side display, i cant see three regions crossing in a typical mastering session?
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