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Originally Posted by timzibrat View Post
So it's me again. I saw the video for the novation nocturn just a moment before almost buying the midi fighter twister, so I found a good deal on ebay for the nocturn and it. I managed to make it work (even though the automap plugins crash, as said in the video and with the midi cc controller option I couldn't get any signal through the normal automap midi ports. So after countless struggles I tried with the loopMIDI software. I created 2 ports, one for input and one for output and now it works perfectly).

I have encountered a problem though. I have about 5 monitoring fx in my project sessions. Analyzers and mixcheckers and stuff like that. Whenever bypassing or unbypassing any monitoring fx, or fiddling around with them, reaper crashes with a runtime error, or sometimes even without the error. I didn't suspect the jbx track to be the issue at first, cause even if I turned arm record off, reaper still crashed on me. But eventually, by deleting the jbx track, the crashes were gone. Has anyone experienced this? Is there any way for me to avoid this? I enjoy working with the smartknobs script and the nocturn controller, but having this crash bomb right at the click of a button looming over me is a bit too scary.
Ok - I suspect that's because the monitoring FX gets focus - and the script isn't designed to handle monitoring fx.

Maybe I've not noticed this myself - because I always have the monitoring FX chain window docked - but nonetheless - I'll try to repeat the issue - and fix it if I can...
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