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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
Cheers for that - some of my more commonly used plugs these days are waves ones so some fix is desirable..

Will make better note of any plugs that cause issue, I was initially concerned with plug type (Js Au vst vst3 etc) and less the manufacturer!

Btw question:
my rotary encoders also have toggle buttons (and a little on/off light)-
can I set the button to change to rotary knobs function or bank to a secondary mapping?

I know I can achieve it just thought expert might now the best way

I've just uploaded an update.

In Settings - uncheck the Use Module Name Detection option to hopefully work correctly with Waves plugins. (I don't have any here to test - but in theory it should work ok).

It would require quite a bit of extra work to allow for multiple mappings - and really - other than bug fixes - this particular version of Smart Knobs is not being developed further.

I do have Smart Knobs 2 script in the works - as I have mentioned earlier in the thread. This is way way more powerful - going beyond just plugin control - so you can send CC's, adjust track parameters and loads of other stuff (including swapping mappings around using multiple layers).

I don't quite know when this will be completed - It's virtually there - but due to its size and complexity - I'm reluctant to release it without finalising some stuff first. And I'm not quite ready to fully support all the questions and requests that are likely to come along with releasing it.

Please let me know if this update works for the Waves plugs.
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