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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
It seems you can have jogs and buttons, buttons and twiddlies, buttons, a twiddly and faders etc. but not jogs and twiddlies..
So & Weaving back on topic:

I discovered the behringer cmd pl-1 - 2013 era.. never seen it before.

Is a DJ platter module with one big smooth jog, AND 8 led endless twiddlies! And 4 banks by default.
Only downside is a little large.

Best bit is it was v cheap so don't mind some set up...

Am Using smartknobs (looking good so far) and realearn I am getting feedback going, although it's no plug and play 2019 style!

Man.. flashback to nights tinkering with bcf2000's :

needed bizarre combos of cycle actions, 2 realearn mappings with odd settings and formulas to just get things lighting up in a useful manner..

Got there tho, I think smartknobs is straightforward and functional enough which shows it's success.

Little video of me celebrating a play light lighting up in play and going out on stop.. and smartknobs doing it's thing on a plug.. Sad but true..

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