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Originally Posted by Audio_Birdi View Post
Hi all,

I've been trying to get my MIDI Fighter Twister to show MIDI Feedback and it doesn't seem to be working. I've tried both via the Faderbox feedback option as well as ReaLearn's feedback option.

I've followed the REAPER Blog video exactly (, and feedback isn't working for some reason. I see that ReaLearn has a "Midi control input" and "MIDI Feedback Output option now. Which doesn't seem to appear in the original REAPER video.

Any help would be great!

Hey there!

I'm the dude in the video!

Let's get this working for you!

I'll quit with the exclamation points now!

My first guess is:

is the midi fighter twister output enabled in the reaper midi preferences? (let's forget the smart knob feedback for now and try to get Realearn's feedback to work)

and yeah there was a realearn update, select the mf twister for both input and output.

check and make sure the output is enabled and we will go from there.
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