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Thanks heaps guys. I've figured out a solution by creating a couple of toolbar buttons, assigning one to copy a send from a selected track and another one to a custom action using ReaConsole to set a selected track to 16 channels and paste the previously copied send into selected tracks.

However, I'll have a look at this. Hopefully it will be a much more elegant solution.....

Originally Posted by RobinGShore View Post
MPL's "Send tracks" script in Reapack will do what you want, give it a try
Thanks heaps for this. I shall set up ReaPack when I'm back in my studio tomorrow and install this script.

Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
Sounds like a job for a script.
Hopefully the one above will do exactly what I need.
Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I have a script that I use for creating a sub master buss. Basically, create/select the track that will be the buss, click a button and it removes master/parent send for all tracks that aren't "children" of other tracks and reassigns their routing to the selected track.

Seems like what you want could be accomplished in a similar way? The main problem I have is once I do this, new track creation means I need to route the new one and it's easy to forget that this needs to be done after the fact.
That sounds like a VERY handy script! That's something I do in pretty much every project.
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