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Originally Posted by Tobbe View Post
Doesn't seems to work. I can't anyway. Need more trial and error.
That's what I was afraid of. If you have to set things back up each time, it would be a real issue keeping a project consistent.

Originally Posted by eric71 View Post
I haven't played with it in more than a year, but I have used linuxsampler with the Qsampler frontend. In my experience with that, once sfz's were set up in Qsampler and the linuxsampler vst on tracks in reaper, I did not have to open qsampler again the next time I opened the project. I wasn't using any templates.
Was this in Linux or Windows? I'd be using it in Linux to replace a couple Windows plugins (sforzando and Phenome) that are currently running in Wine and being bridged.

Originally Posted by MusicMan74 View Post
Maybe some info from my post back in the day might be of use...
You were using this in Windows, correct? Have you ever used it in Linux?
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