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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Thanks again, and to make sure I'm clear on how it works, if one were to,

Start a new project in REAPER, add the server to an FX bin, manually load the frontend, select a sampled file, assign midi and audio so it plays, record something in REAPER, save the project and close REAPER.

Then, with nothing at all running, load REAPER, and load the project. At this point what you recorded won't play until you manually load the front end?

And if the latter is true, does it even remember any of the midi and audio routing, or do you have to manually patch all that stuff too every time you load a project that used Linuxsampler?

I found a template here somewhere where everything is routed correctly.I got help from a user (dont remember who), how it works. Now I do this:

Start Reaper and load My template with 16 channel. Start Fantasia and it creates all channels same you have in Reaper. In Fantasia you load your soundfonts as many you need up to 16. When you play the keyboard in Fantasia you should see the same signal in Reaper. Save everything in Reaper when you are happy to a template.

If you want to user it again. Load the template first and then Fantasia.

Tidious job, I know. But we dont have anything else for Linux. Maybe you can taket a look at Linux Studio Plugin
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