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I tried both aspects ("full" composition pipeline or otherwise) and had the same issue. Anyway if I don't do "full" it would leave screen tear in some apps so I'd have to change it at some point. It's a shame that there's no AMD fanless GPU (especially at a low price) that's quite as good as the 1030 (DDR4) that I have. I hate noise from GPU fans and I don't need much for GPU, but I want some decent GPU (for SuperTuxKart for instance). Anyway a friend is running Mint and he had no problems with writing that change to his xorg.conf, so we'll see how it goes for me on Mint.

I suspect I'll get similar performance for Reaper using Mint as I am using MX. I didn't have to do anything special other than install qjackctl (which did the RT group for me).

And if it sucks for some reason, it's easy to go back again. Either way I think I need to do a clean install of an OS.
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