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Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
Hi all!
Many words detailing awesome things...]
:O thank you for your hard work! I don't own any of the three but if nothing else I'm more inspired to get to work on integrating my Maschine JAM into Reaper. I have not yet read past the OP, so maybe Jam has been brought up already - but its layout would be - in my opinion - a perfect DAW controller.

I've literally only mapped three (transport) actions so far. But with what I've learned myself using ReaLearn combined w native mapping I'll have LED's cooperating as well.

I won't derail the thread but look out for a thread (sometime this century) for the Jam - and feel free to PM if you'd like to share tips/collaborate. I'll hopefully get a Maschine Studio to add to my setup (sometime this millennium) as I'd like to test this (I'd also like to own a Maschine Studio, period.)

Thanks again. And damn you, because this is going to be a lot of work
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