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Originally Posted by Dewdman42 View Post
Thanks that is definitely a million times better, though the fonts are still TINY.

Is there an easy way to nudge up the size of fonts without getting fuzzy?
In the 'Actions Menu' filter for 'theme' you will find:
'Theme development: Show theme tweak/configuration window'
run this will open up the theme editor
filter for font will bring up all the available modifiable fonts in the format:
0:00 WALTER font 1
0:00 'The actual name of what the it font will effect'
Double clicking on a line will bring up a selector where you can choose font, style, and size.
The full list of used fonts taken from the walter configuration file (rtconfig.txt) is
; ----------------- WALTER -------------------
; font #1 - MCP Track Numbers
; font #2 - Extended Mixer
; font #3 - Transport Selection
; font #4 - Envcp labels
; font #5 - Transport Rate
; font #6 - Extended Mixer - Large layouts
; font #7 - Double size labels
; font #8 - Double size smaller labels
; -------------------------------------------
Once you changed anything be sure to use the save button within the editor.
If it doesn't help with the particular text you're concerned with, it's probably beyond the scope of of the current build of the theme.

I'm on windows 10 so if there are any differences in this approach on the mac version, hopefully someone else will jump in to clarify.
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