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Originally Posted by cubic13 View Post

Feel free to test it to death, after having take a look on the bundled pdf documentation, and report back what could be misbehaving in this thread : I'm genuinely interested.

So, I'm sincerely wondering what the "I'm not necessarily looking for feedback at the moment" statement stands for. Again, what WT is expecting from such a thread, beside congrats ?
Your theme is very nice and I commend you for the time and effort it took to create it.

The difference in WT and you (at the moment) is that he was not seeking a laundry list of commentary on his theme. It would be like reviewing the movie when all you have are some scenes and a trailer.

There's a difference between "not necessarily looking for feedback" and "feel free to test to death...and report back".

I'm going to refrain from criticism until he communicates that it's all finished and ready for use.

There's no question you're a talented, intelligent person - and have good wisdom to share. Let's just wait until it's time to do so.

As a designer, there's nothing more frustrating than having your work reviewed prior to being finished. Many times the designer is totally aware of the shortcomings and has yet had the time to address them. That's where my frustration comes from regarding your well thought out comments. The timing was a bit premature.

All the best - let's move along
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