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I usually don't repost, but lost in the noise of negativity and congrats, I think this is a very important outcome of White Tie's latest work -- I will never think of parametric EQ interfacing the way I did before I saw the Iris-Style control, it's just brilliant.


Iris-style OMG !!!

You have outdone yourself sir !

Now something that would have been prohibitively expensive can be done with ease.

It's the closest to a perfect metaphor for a parametric EQ I can ever recall encountering.

Imagine that the Pan is replaced with Boost/Cut -- Pan -> Boost/Cut

Imagine that the Width is replaced with Q -- Width -> Q

Imagine a new Frequency control that takes up the upper part of the 360 arc unoccupied by the Width/Q control

Be able to swap Frequency -- Boost/Cut graphics/functionality.

Voila, a clean, tight graphic representation of one parametric band, one of the hardest UI metaphors to get clean and tight !!

Can you imagine the cost of trying to physically implement something like that in the real world, talk about expensive.

Now think of manipulating this control on a haptic touch screen -- HEAVEN !!
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