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I think that at least half the reason he posted it was that he got tired of answering threads about WALTER and the new stuff and how it applies that he wanted as he said to get the code out there which is understandable and a good thing, and there would have been no way to present the code without the accompanying graphical dependencies in this case, it would have been too out of context. I am grateful for the code and the graphical stuff because I simply can not learn it from the SDK it just doesn't sit with me, I have to see and use it in real time. I think another reason for the post is the constant complaining about the v5 default theme - all in all I think he wanted to show people what is possible, and how it can be implemented, and also that things are still on the horizon to look forward to. All this from someone who is constantly berated with complaints and even personal attacks, I mean this is my reason for the hats off. I think he is doing what he can in spite of everything, and some creative and original ideas have come from his direction, which is always refreshing. Sure everything is not gonna be a number one hit but I think there are some seriously strong material here that will be brought to fruition.
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