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Thanks X-Raym for your interest and glad you got it working.

Just looking at my code. I know I had trouble figuring out if a time range was set. From what I recall if range start and end weren't equal there was a range. But I also checked if range was greater than zero. If not then it scanned within the active item. So it looks like it scans the time selection if set or the active item. So that could explain why it stops.

I think I did it that way so either an item could be scanned or time selection. There was also that thread I opened about getting track length. Perhaps it was getting complicated and I chose those as the options. I think it's been a year since I wrote it. :-)

So funny as it is, the need to clear time selection is because of a feature, where it can scan the time selection. As to cursor position it should only need moving if it's outside time range. If inside it will set it to range start.

One thing I thought might be annoying is the cursor being snapped back to where it started after a mapping. Making it look like nothing happened. But I wanted to have it back where it was. I'm looking into changing behaviour for some of these things.

Since I used GetUserInputs() for my input GUI I was limited with options. Be good if it supported sliders, cycles or check marks but AFAIK it doesn't. So I tried not to over complicate it. I didn't want it so the user would have to enter 0 or 1 as numbers to turn things on and off. At this point a custom GUI would be needed. Or converting it to C/++ and compiling at as a native app with some other GUI used.
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