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New ideas for Binder 2 i've already implemented, but not yet released:
now you can add (and delete) FX to track via "FX browser" with 32 slots, implemented by SWS Extensions function which allows you to insert a populated in Resources "FX Chain" on a track.

User just need more manual setup for it to work, like save all FXs you use as a separate FX chains, and name buttons in "FX Browser" in Binder 2 manually too, but it's really easy. Also there is a way to do it via S&M Cycle Actions, not sure which way is more easy for user...

Anyhow, now i can record and mix projects without looking at a computer screen at all!
Well, almost like that: still need to load a recording template and name all tracks...i'm not sure why iPadASCIIKeyboard template is not working good, if i could manage it (maybe with someone's help?) - even tracks naming could be made straight from Binder.
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