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Superior drummer 2 is hands down the best drum rompler I have used as far as integration with a E-kit is concerned.
You have a very decent kit - much better hihat implementation than mine.
But if you are looking for serious integration and flexibility SD2 is the way to go.

It comes with NY Avatar/volume one but the cool thing is that you dont HAVE to use just the SDX addons, all the EZ drummer EZX kits (of which I have a ton) can be used but with added capability you ant access in EZD1.
Too new to EZD2 to be able to comment, but people are saying it offers 90% of the functionality of SD2 for less money.
I have BFD Eco and also the version that came with the Zidjian Cymbal K pack, but haven't bonded to it in the same way as I did the others.
Like I said, demos and free versions first, THEN buy. There are always good sales on one or other of our leading contenders.
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