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just saw last 2 posts.
thank you both of you guys.
Ivan, any thoughts about BFD3?
I might have this narrowed down to BFD3 or Superior Drummer now.
and you haven't heard poor drumming til you've heard me.
I am just starting. I have the freakin time of my life messing around.
but I have got to buckle down and learn how to just keep a steady consistent beat.
I have a huge new respect for drummers man.
I just had no clue.
after chuckling smugly inside all these years at all the drummer jokes, like "what do you call a guy that hangs around with musicians?"
"a drummer."
hey, guess what, so far this sometimes seems like brain surgery to me.
you have to do 4 things at once. (and thats if you're not a singing drummer. yowwwwww!!!!!)
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