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Originally Posted by TBProAudio View Post
Hey Youlean,

i found out that resizing of VST2 does not properly work in WaveLab x64 and Audition x64.

You can fix this if you make 2 changes in your code:

IGraphicsWin.cpp: void IGraphicsWin::Resize(int w, int h)

// don't want to touch the host window in VST2/VST3/RTAS/AAX
          if((mPlug->GetAPI() != kAPIVST2) && (mPlug->GetAPI() != kAPIVST3) && (mPlug->GetAPI() != kAPIRTAS) && (mPlug->GetAPI() != kAPIAAX)) // TB28082017
                    SetWindowPos(pParent, 0, 0, 0, parentW + dw, parentH + dh, SETPOS_FLAGS);

                    SetWindowPos(pGrandparent, 0, 0, 0, grandparentW + dw, grandparentH + dh, SETPOS_FLAGS);
In fact this remove the whole SetWindowsPos code for all parents. Resizing works now for VST2/VST3/RTAS and AAX!

IPlugVST.cpp:void IPlugVST::ResizeGraphics(int w, int h)

 IGraphics* pGraphics = GetGUI();

  if (pGraphics)
    mEditRect.left = = 0;
    mEditRect.right = w;
    mEditRect.bottom = h;
// Inform host about window resizing    
mHostCallback(&mAEffect, audioMasterSizeWindow, pGraphics->Width(), pGraphics->Height(), 0, 0.0f);


I hope this helps
Thanks for the fix! I will check it out.

BTW, I tried you dpMeterXT. Very nice, I really need to step up the game with my Loudness Meter.. :P Also I manage to crash FL Studio by moving loudness graph...
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