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Originally Posted by Youlean View Post
Yes, I am guessing that we don't need two libpngs, but it is working in this way for now. I will check this is the future.

Try this script and sources:

Also, check if you have anything in /usr/local/lib/. If this folder is full, delete everything (or temporary move it while you compile cairo)
Thank you for your efforts!
But no real luck, maybe a problem with my old OS (10.9):
1) I unpacked the sources into my home folder, cleaned /usr/local/lib/ folder and started the provided script
2) Then i get this: configure: error: expected an absolute directory name for --prefix: . So i fixed this.
3) Then i changed the bash script from 10.11 SDK to 10.9, but during run it seems that there are still references to 10.11 SDK (which is not installed)

I'm not the Linux expert, so we can stop here if it is too much effort...

In any case thank you for your support!!
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